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World's only patent-pending AI SEO for Business with 10X better results.

10X Better SEO Results with CORE AI

We have worked on 1000's of projects with hundreds of agencies, and have been published on Search Engine Land, Entrepreneur Magazine, Digital Engine Land, and many other news publications. View our 5-Star reviews on both our site and across popular review sites. We have one of the highest retention rates because clients LOVE US!

Real-time SEO Strategy Controls

Be in the captain’s seat. Change your Business SEO strategy in an instant, and place focus on a location, product or specific parts of your business in real-time.

Goals with SEO-FC97%
Goals w/o SEO-FC67%

Neural Network Analytics Engine

Get super-accurate SEO rankings consistency, and adapt to competition on the fly with our advanced neural-network AI that’s capable of learning your Business SEO campaign and establishing optimal key performance metrics.

Rankings with ANN99%
Rankings w/o ANN76%

High LTV: Turn $5K Clients into $35K Clients

You work hard to close clients. Don’t let them get away so easily. While most SEO agencies hang on to a client for less than 6 months, SEO Vendor’s trinity campaigns (SEO + Content Marketing + Social Media Management) and CORE AI technology will allow your campaigns to last an average of 33 months.

50,000+ Rankings

Don’t waste your time on campaigns that don’t work. Even if you have a working formula, come discuss with us and see why we have the lead on Long-Term Value for your clients.

Get Real Leads

Search is not what it used to be. To get leads, you need Business SEO + Content Marketing + Social Media Management for your clients all in one low priced package.

1000+ Industries

Our AI-based campaigns bring a level of SEO beyond what is normally considered SEO. Well-tested in many industry. Want to see if we’ve worked in a particular niche? We probably have. Just ask.


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Join the 1000+ Industries We’ve Worked With

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See What Our Clients Have to Say
Very good communication and easy to deal with. Able to discuss ideas and issues openly with prompt follow up and action. I highly recommend SEO Vendor and will continue using their services on future projects.
Frazer VaughanMarket Hippo
SEO Vendor provided the most comprehensive proposal to meet our needs. They were competitive on price and have carried out what they said they would do, on time and on budget. They communicate very well and are flexible. I am looking forward to the next phase of the project.
Paul IwanowHero Leads
Honestly, I had the choice of several well established and high rated contractors…SEO Vendor provided an excellent proposal and strategy. You can’t go wrong with these guys! Absolute professionalism!
Olivier CunyTM Creative

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Our philosophy is that we treat your business like our business. We make every effort to be the extension of your company and work hard at getting your clients to stay. It’s that simple, and it’s also that hard. Try our Business SEO programs today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many websites have you worked on for SEO?

We have worked with over 7000 websites over the course of the past 20 years.

What experience do you have with keyword research?

We have a dedicated keyword research and analysis team. We perform all keyword and traffic studies manually with a number of tools and research techniques at our disposal, including SEMRush, Ahrefs, and our own Patent-Pending SEO Vendor tools. We can review thousands of keywords and look at as many as 12 factors for each keyword.

What’s your approximate time frame for ranking a website?

The approximate time to get rankings results is about 3 months, although some results might come sooner. If your keywords are very high volume or very high traffic, the results may take as long as 6 months to appear. This also depends on your content, keyword choices, and competition as well. That is why our campaigns have the most coverage of any, checking over 300+ factors to ensure you get the most improvements every month.

Do you have Expertise in improving local search results?

About 50% of our projects are Local SEO/PPC campaigns.  We know local, both big cities and small towns, having worked with thousands of local projects, and gathered more than 20 years of experience with Local SEO, Local Online Marketing, and Local Business ROI Consulting.

How will we communicate and how often, what are your preferred communication avenues?

We provide 24/7 support.  Every month, we provide full details of our work, including a dashboard report and supplemental details on what we did for on-page and/or off-page. We provide account management via Phone, Email, Agency Dashboard, and our Collaboration Platform. Be assured that you will be able to reach us.

Are you up to date with the latest Algorithm changes?

Yes, we are constantly up to date with the latest algorithm updates across all major search engines, including Google and Bing. Feel free to discuss algorithm updates with us at any time. We perform our own research on algorithm updates in search engines, making us one of the few companies that perform direct research in this area.

How will you report and measure SEO improvements / How often will you send us reports?

At the end of the month, your Dashboard will show your keyword rankings in search engines. If you would like, we can also track your google analytics for you and report on the amount of traffic entering your site every month.  You can download all links and submissions from your dashboard. Every deliverable is categorized by the type of links and comes with a summary overview of all links so that you see where improvements are coming from. You will also receive documentation for approval on any on-page work that we do, and site audits analysis reports.